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The Rotolinear Systems offer to its clients VGM Planetary Gear heads & the features of this product are enumerated as bellows:

Planetary gearbox

  • The standard models of this product are -
  • There are other economical models like PG60/PG90/PG120.
  • The models like WS70F/ WS90F/WS120F/ WS150F/WS180F have a right angled planetary gear head.
  • A Planetary design of the VGM which provides up to three times the capacity of the torque when compared to a traditional spur gear head
  • The torque transmitted via the sun gear is distributed in an equal manner across the planet gear and each of the planet gear carries 1/3 of torque. Also, the consequential forces cancel upon each other and yield a resultant load which is equal to zero i.e. a durable life.
  • The product is a cake walk for installation & is compatible with 50W-4000W of famous servomotors.
  • The standard gear reduces with a tiny backlash within a span of 10 minutes & the special gear reduces with a 3 arc minute frame of time.
  • The design of this product is totally enclosed and it doesn’t require a refilling of lubrication. The gear head comes along with grease installed at the factory which is circulated on a continuous basis during the entire operation.
  • It can be easily mounted directly with any servomotors and an integral gear ratio ranging from 3 to 1000.
  • It is very compact and is of a light weight (1.5 kg to 24 kg). It even has a lower decibel resulting in less of noise pollution
  • It has a high power to weight/size ratio.
  • It has a high rating torque (3 to 45 kgf-m) along with a low inertia (0.306 to 35 kgcm2).
  • It has high torsion stiffness and is highly resistant to wear and tear.
planetary gearbox new2
planetary gearbox new3
planetary gearbox new4
planetary gearbox new5

Customized designer gear heads can also be supplied based on the requirement of the client.