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Metal Bellow Couplings

The Rotolinear systems offer their clients with a Metal bellow couplings along with a servo insert couplings of KBK, originating from Germany.

Metal below coupling

Some of the key characteristics of this KBK Metal bellow couplings are enumerated below:

  • The brand is a veteran in the field with an experience of more than 20 years in offering Metal bellow couplings.
  • The product is free of a backlash and has very high torsion stiffness.
  • The bellow is entirely made out of stainless steel.
  • The hubs of this product are made out of AlCuMgPb as well as steel for the big size products.
  • The product has been equipped with a precise transmission of the rotational angle.
  • The product is absolutely maintenance free and comes with a lower inertia.
  • There is a feature of compensation of the radial, axial along with an angular misalignment.
  • The bellow couplings are made available up to torque’s of 5000 Nm.
  • The miniature metal bellow couplings are available with models up to 10 Nm.
  • The various models which are available are: Collet clamping/ Conical hub/ Outer conical hub/ Flange mounting/ Set screws / Expanding clamps etc/
  • There is a faster delivery of this product within the committed time frame.
  • The set standard is up to 10,000 RPM & above 10,000 RPM is dynamically balanced.
  • The temperature ranges from 300 C to 1200 CC.
  • There is an optional stainless steel product and is soldered/ welded.

MINIATURE METAL BELLOW COUPLINGS (Range from 0.1 – 10 Nm Torque)

The available models are:

  1. KB1 with: set screws Torque 0.1 -10 Nm.
  2. KB2 with: Collet clamp Torque 0.1 -10 Nm.
  3. KB3 with: expanding collet Torque 0.1- 10 Nm

METAL BELLOWS COUPLINGS (Range from 12 – 5000 Nm Torque)

The available models are:

  1. KB4 with: collet clamp Torque 12 Nm – 500 Nm.
    • The hubs which are > sixe 60 are made of steel
  2. KB5 with: Conical Hub Torque 12-5000Nm
  3. KB6 with outer Conical Hub Torque 12-5000Nm
    • The hubs are made of steel.
    • The product has a high concentricity
    • It is equipped with high clamping forces.
  4. KB7 with Flange mounting Torque 12-5000Nm
    • The hubs are made of steel.
    • The product is of smaller dimensions


The general characteristics of the KBK Servo Insert Couplings are enumerated below:

  • These couplings are pluggable.
  • They have a compensating misalignment
  • They are free from backlash issues
  • There are damping vibrations
  • The inserts in the product are made out of Polyurethane
  • The hub is made out of an alloy of aluminium & of steel for the bigger sizes.



KBE-2=1 Plug-in hub with set screw Torque( 0.5- 300Nm)

  • The size of the hub can range up to size 38 and is made out of an alloy of aluminium.
  • The sizes 42 & 48 are made out of steel.
  • The shore hardness for smaller sizes : up to 92 sh A (Yellow)
  • The shore hardness for sizes of & above 28: 98 sh A (Red)

KBE-2 Plug-in hub with Collet Clamp Torque( 10- 500Nm)

  • This product has an easy assembling as well as dissembling.
  • There is a single slot collet clamp and a double collet clamp
  • The shore hardness for a size up to 7: 92 sh A (Yellow)
  • The shore hardness for a size 14 & bigger: 98 sh A (Red)

KBE-3 Plug in outer Conical hub Torque(10-500Nm)

  • This type of product has very high concentricity.
  • The size of the hub can range up to size 38 and is made out of an alloy of aluminium
  • The sizes 42 & 48 is made out of steel with a shore hardness of 98 Sh A( Red).