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Ball Screws

Ground ball screws
Rotolinear offers Precision Ground Ballscrews range from 12 to 125mm with lead of 4 to 20mm and length upto 9 meters as standard. We can supply longer size ballscrews above 125mm also. Different nuts configurations like singlenut, doublenut, Internal circulation, External

Linear Motion Guide

Linear guideways
Rotolinear offers Linear motion guideways and the size ranges from 15 to 45mm. It is available in accuracies of C, H, P, SP,UP etc. and LSK lmguideways are high rigidity 4-way equal load rating, low center of gravity and compact design. Low friction, high speed

Precision Locknuts

Precision lock nuts
Rotolinear offers Precision locknut of NIKKI and It is available in internal thread from M6 X 0.5 to M200 x 3. NIKKI Locknuts are used for ballscrews, Spindles etc. NIKKI locknut is an economical highly reliable locknut with wide range of variety and is interchangeable with

Metal Bellow Coupling

Metal Bellow Couplings
Rotolinear offer Metal Bellow couplings, Safety couplings (Torque limiters), Servo insert couplings of KBK (GERMANY) with features like backlash-free, high torsional stiffness, precise transmission of rotational angle, Maintenance free, low inertia, compensation of radial, axial and angular

Torque Limiter

Torque limiter
Rotolinear systems offer Safety couplings (Torque limiters) which are available upto torque range of 1600Nm. Single position engagement, Multiposition engagement and full disengagement

X-Y Slide

X-Y Slide
Rotolinear systems offer X-Y of slides. Stroke up to 4000mm, Available in Single axis and multi axis, Supplied with ground Ballscrews of accuracy C3, C5, etc. and LM Guideways of accuracy P, H, or C ect.

Planetary GearHead

Planetary Gearbox
Rotolinear systems offer planetary gearhead. A Planetary design that provides upto 3 times the torque capacity than that of conventional spur gearhead


TwinSpin Bearing Reducer
Rotolinear systems offers Precision ball reducers is a new generation product of zero backlash; precision ball reducer.Some of the distinct features of KAMO ballreducer is Non-backlash, low noise level, compact and simple, maintainence free, nimble action and high efficiency and can be mounted to any stepper or servo motors.
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